Luminous Vedic Art Anja Atulya

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The 17 principles of Vedic Art

Quieting, surprising and giving space!

El Atma Ra 115-75 cm 2017Quieting;
The first principle or step in Vedic Art "The Line" empties the mind.
It brings you into that part of the brain where your intuition and creativity are seated.
Every lesson is started with this first principle so you can get out of your "doing"
into your "being" and because of that the other principles can be enjoyed in the same stillness of mind.

Curt would say: after the "Line" we have opened the door to Saraswati, the Hindu Goddess of wisdom and creativity.

At the start of a painting we usually have an idea in our head how we would like it to look,
but when we can allow the creativity to do its work, the ideas will disappear by itself.
Then you can let creativity go where it wants to and you never know what will come out of it. Whatever you make is unique and nobody can do it like you, in this way your own art work can start to develop and you will be surprised by the outcome!

Giving space;
Painting from pleasure because it does not have to be beautiful, to just play with paint because the end result does not matter, what delicious freedom!
Whatever you make is a mirror of yourself, where you are at in your life right at that moment, whether you start with painting or you are already painting, Vedic Art makes you more conscious. In this process of awareness you can start to see old so called safe patterns, like "I cannot paint" or "this is the way I always paint", and by seeing this they will disappear by itself. This process in your painting will also automatically be applicable in your daily life,  more space in the paintingprocess, more space in your daily life!

"You become more aware of yourself and at the same time you will experience the whole process of creation, art and life merges into one....and that is Vedic Art"
Curt Källman (1939-2010)


Curt en Mahariji The birth of Vedic Art;

When Curt was a child he stayed with his grandparents in the summertime on the island Öland where they lived, here he had a deep spiritual experience which changed his life.
He studied at the Royal Art Academy in Stockholm from 1964-1969 and in this education he very much missed the spiritual. In this time the Maharaji (T.M) was looking for an artist to create an education which would be a combination of painting techniques and wisdom from the old Veda's, the sacred books from Hinduism. The Maharaji foresaw that this education would bring a new awareness in the art world and would spread itself throughout the whole world. When the two met and Maharaji spoke about this plan, Curt thanked for this honour, he was a very modest man and did not see himself as the founder of something so big. Then the Maharaji knew he had found the right man and managed to change Curt mind and for about a year they worked on this together. After this Curt took the concept to Sweden and worked on it for many years and made Vedic Art his life creation. For years he experimented with the 17 steps on family and friends until 1988 when he started Vedic Art in Hóór in Sweden.
Now the island of Öland is the place where the family Källman gives the courses. In the last 20 years Vedic Art has become a big hit in Scandinavia and starts to spread it wings all over Europe and the rest of the world.